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Effective from 1st August 2019, we are pleased to announce that TRAILPARTS® has changed its legal status from a Partnership to a Private Limited Company, TRAILPARTS Ltd.

Tygris SD1895 is an advanced formulation of penetrating oil with a shock freeze action which rapidly freezes seized components, causing micro-cracks in rust layers allowing rapid penetration of the lubricant.

Welcome to the all new TRAILPARTS shopping cart website!  Our new website is mobile phone responsive for ease of use for you and your team whether in the office or out in the field.  Make sure you register for a log-in today to link up your credit account and start adding to your shopping basket!

TRAILPARTS has updated its ‘shop window’ with companies in the utilities sector by renewing its Achilles UVDB registration.  Achilles Utilities Vendor Database is an online community that enables companies to manage supply chain risk and comply with EU regulations.