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The Impacts of Unplanned Vehicle Downtime

After a shaky start to the year with post-pandemic supply chain issues, it is more crucial than ever for hire companies and fleets to both maintain and maximise time out on the road. After all, a vehicle or cabin stuck in the workshop isn’t making your any money!


The impacts of unplanned vehicle downtime

Downtime is the enemy of profitability. Whilst pre-planned and scheduled downtime can often be accounted and budgeted for, it’s much harder to manage when it occurs at the eleventh hour.

The impact of downtime can be catastrophic for any business that relies on revenue from hire, or any fleet that requires their vehicles to be out on the road to deliver their service. If drivers are unable to carry out duties, or vehicles are stuck in the workshop, there can be negative impacts on both productivity and revenue, not to mention the effect on your business reputation and reliability. While it may sometime be possible to manage your resources to compensate for unplanned maintenance and continue a seamless service, the increased pressure, and subsequent wear, on your fleet can be a downward spiral that results in an ever-growing list of out of action assets. On top of this, you’re likely to receive complaints about delays which is both time and energy consuming for staff members. These issues can ultimately have a profound effect on a business and brand.

In summary, maintaining profitability with rental vehicles such as welfare cabins and units, or hire equipment, is directly related to keeping your fleet out of the workshop and bringing in revenue. Lost time is lost money, so the need to minimise both unplanned, and scheduled downtime is key.


Regular maintenance

Repair costs can quickly mount up. The rates for towing and emergency repair far outweigh those of standard maintenance, and the potential addition of replacement rentals is often an additional unplanned cost. Fleets and rental companies can ensure that assets remain on the road through effective pro-active maintenance. With mechanical-related issues and incident damage, the greatest threat to larger machinery and cabins, preventative measures ensure that your assets remain on hire for longer periods.

Excellent upkeep and regular diagnostic services will ensure that unscheduled downtime is avoided as much as possible. Routine maintenance practices keep systems and components in good working order and usually come our more cost-effective than more comprehensive post-incident repairs.

Potential issues should be assessed, diagnosed and reported on a daily basis.


Be prepared!

The ability to work efficiently means that downtime is vastly reduced, and the key to efficiency within a workshop is preparedness.

The time wasted researching, sourcing, and awaiting delivery of the spare parts needed for a routine maintenance job can often be the most time-consuming part of the repair process. To ensure an efficient repair process, and subsequently minimise downtime, it is recommended that every business that relies on minimising downtime integrate a spare parts inventory management system. That way, nothing is left to chance when it comes to making fast, effective repairs.

If you’re keen to find out the best spare and replacement parts to carry in your workshop, read our article here.

Consumables & Servicing

The right tools for the job!

Naturally, vehicle jacks and torque wrenches spring to mind but its highly likely that you’ve got these covered (we’d be worried if you didn’t!). Every workshop should carry a wide range of less obvious tools and consumables to prevent them from being caught out at the last minute.

Our Workshop, Lubricants & Spill Control & Tools and consumables ranges include items such as drill bits and drivers, cutting and grinding tools, screws and fixings, step ladders, and sanding and paint preparation are often overlooked essentials, but are at the forefront of any effective, fast-paced workshop environment that delivers an efficient first-time fix rate. 

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