Top 5 tips for fleet management through winter

Top 5 Tips for Fleet Management through winter

Winter is fast approaching, which means it’s time to check your fleet is prepared for the colder months. Winter takes a heavy toll on vehicle maintenance, especially for fleets that rack up thousands of miles through slush, mud, snow, and heavy rain.

Before the cold weather sets in, it’s essential to make sure your fleet has a winter check-up, and stringent maintenance routines are planned throughout this challenging period.

Being fully prepared for winter has become increasingly difficult in recent times as the weather has become more erratic, but a proactive maintenance routine is an essential part of managing your fleet efficiently and can ensure that your vehicles, trailers, and welfare cabins are kept safe and operational during this challenging season.

To help your fleet prepare for the winter season, and make sure you get the best return on investment, we’ve compiled our top 5 winter checklist tips to keep your business moving whatever the weather:


Brakes & Cables

Tip #1: Maintain your brakes

It should come as no surprise that well maintained brakes are essential to staying safe on the road during challenging driving conditions.

With the increasingly likelihood of weather conditions declining into snow, ice, and slush, keeping your brakes are in tip top shape during the winter months should be top priority.

The combination of water, grit and other substances found on the road during winter can have nasty effects on the physical components of your brakes, and you have every reason to ensure you check and replace these essential parts more frequently over the next few months. 


TRAILPARTS® stocks a very large range of trailer brakes and brake spares, to suit all the major brands of running gear including AL-KO, BPW, & Knott-Avonride to name a few. This includes everything from the brake shoe sets themselves, which are mostly supplied in boxed axle sets with brake springs, to brake cables, expanders, half shells, adjusters, brake rods, etc.



If you would like help to identify what is fitted to your trailer, our team of experts will be happy to talk you through the different manufacturers and types and sizes, along with options for spares. Contact us today for a friendly chat about what TRAILPARTS® can do for your business >


Wheels, Tyres & Mudguards

Tip #2: Keeping tabs on your tyres

It’s important to check your wheel assembly and tyres all year round to make sure you get the best possible traction, but in winter months the challenging conditions on the road should lead you to increasingly regular checks on your wheels, mudguards, and tyres.

As well as ensuring adequate tyre tread depth, you should also visually check all your tyres for any cracks, cuts, or bulges. If you notice anything untoward with your tyres, then you should immediately look to repair or replace any faulty parts. This can save you time, money, and more importantly, lives.


It’s also good to know that tyre pressure can be negatively affected by cold temperatures, causing them to slowly deflate, which can impact tyre longevity, vehicle fuel economy and overall safety. Keeping track of tyre pressures on each journey can save money and help determine wear and tear before it becomes a dangerous issue.


TRAILPARTS® stocks a comprehensive range of wheels, tyres, and mudguards, along with associated components such as wheel nut indicators and tyre sealant. We also stock several of the common wheel & tyre assemblies, ready to fit.



Engine & Generator Spares

Tip #3: Recharge your batteries

Cold weather puts pressure on batteries and can cause them to drain faster than usual. To make matters worse for batteries, the colder the engine is when you look to start it up, which in winter months can be bitterly cold, the more energy that is required of the batteries to start it. 


To help prevent dead batteries in your fleet, measure and keep track of their volts when fully charged, regularly check that battery connections are tight and that terminals are in good condition and clean. 


If you’re looking to stay charged this winter, TRAILPARTS® carry a large stock of Engine & Generator parts including brands such as Kohler, Lombardini, Kubota, Yanmar, Hatz, Isuzu, Perkins and more! We also stock a large range of associated products such as Alternators, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Inverters, Battery Protection & Monitoring, Capacitors, Generator Controllers, Gauges - and much more!

CabinConnect parts


Tip #4: Check your vehicle’s electrical systems

During the winter, your fleet, and teams, will likely be making full use of the cab heating systems, window defroster, lights and all the other essential functions that go hand in hand with shorter days and colder temperatures. We all know that water and electrics don’t mix well together, and with increasingly wet conditions combined with structural damage from freezing temperatures, plugs, sockets, adaptors and leads are often the first to go wrong when the weather turns bleak.


Make sure your team regularly check vehicle and cabin electrical systems for damage or faults. Nobody wants to be left out in the cold due to electrical faults this winter. If you need support in replacing or repairing any electrical elements, TRAILPARTS® hold a vast range of electrical products for all sizes of trailers, vehicles, and welfare cabins. Shop the full electrical range here> , or visit of CabinConnect range for everything you need to help keep your welfare units & cabins in top shape and ready for hire>


Electrics, Lighting & Beacons

Tip #5: Stay visible and see what’s up ahead

It has been regularly reported each year that up to 20% of accidents on the road happen because of poor visibility. With darker nights drawing in and road conditions getting ever gloomier through the winter months, remaining visible on the roads is imperative to remaining safe. Checking your lights, light fittings and headlight angles can help to ensure you, and your vehicle, are seen and safe in any conditions.

TRAILPARTS® stocks lighting products, along with Lightbars and Beacons from all the major manufacturers such as Britax, Aspoeck, Radex and many universal style lamps, including a large LED range. In addition, all the accessories are readily available, such as bulbs, lens guards and socket plates. Shop here>


On top of being visible, it is obviously essential to ensure your drivers can see what is facing them on the road ahead. While this might seem obvious, poor wiper blades and inadequate screen wash is often cited as a cause of numerous accidents each winter. Each vehicle’s wiper blades should be exchanged for weather-resistant blades that can cut through thick ice, especially in areas prone to heavy snow fall, freezing temperatures or heavy rain.


With proactive maintenance, and support from a consolidated supplier who can deliver within 24 hours, your fleet should thrive over the winter months, saving you time, energy and money.

Whether you’re looking for workshop consumables, Jockey Wheels, Electrics, Security products, Cabin fittings & heating, parts to suit welfare vans, or many, many more product groups, we have over 150,000 spare parts in stock for your trailer, towed equipment, vehicle and welfare units.

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