Why you should use a consolidated supplier

If you’re reading this article, or you’ve come across Trailparts Group in the past, you’re likely to have seen the term “Consolidated Supply”. It’s in our logo and all over our website after all.

But do you know what “Consolidated Supply” is, why you should care and why it is a great opportunity for your business to save money, time, and energy?

Let us explain a bit more…

What is Consolidated Supply?

Supplier Consolidation, or Vendor Consolidation, is a supply chain management strategy that has increased in popularity over the last decade, saving businesses time, money and energy when it comes to receiving the products they need to keep their business moving.

Consolidated Supply includes reducing suppliers within a specific supply market, or finding a single supplier that can fulfil all the needs of your business in one particular area. Aiming to reduce supply chain costs, improve service levels and increase efficiency, consolidating suppliers is a strategy that can be implemented by any business looking to find efficiency improvements for their processes.

Have you found yourself searching through thousands of products from 10-20 different suppliers (sometimes even more!), frustratingly finding that each supplier can only fulfil part of your need? Placing multiple orders can be a time consuming and infuriating task.

A consolidated supplier such as Trailparts Group can help you find all your products in one place, with one order, and usually one delivery!

Whether you’re looking for workshop consumables, Jockey Wheels, Electrics, Security products, Cabin fittings & heating, parts to suit welfare vans, or many, many more product ranges, we have over 150,000 spare parts in stock for your trailer, towed equipment, vehicle and welfare units.

Check out our full product range catalogue HERE


What are the specific benefits of using a Consolidated Supplier?

Apart from the obvious time saving we’ve highlighted above, there are several other benefits to using a consolidated supplier such as Trailparts Group when it comes to keeping your business moving forward.

One central contact

When you choose to work with Trailparts Group as a consolidated supplier you gain the benefit of a new expert to call on anytime. As a central contact for all your trailer, towed equipment, vehicle, and welfare units spares, our expert team specialise in helping you find the right products quickly and easily. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our list of 150,000 products on our website, our team are always on hand at the end of the phone to make sure you track down what you need to keep your business moving.


Order Traceability

We understand that when you need spare parts, chances are that the order you’re placing contains a few items needed to complete the job. When you’re waiting on deliveries from multiple suppliers, these items can annoyingly come through at different times, leaving you with a slow repair cycle and often with items stuck unhired in the workshop rather than out making money.

By placing one order, through a consolidated supplier such as Trailparts Group, you can quickly and easily trace your order using one platform and through one order number. We also aim to dispatch orders in one delivery where possible, giving you piece of mind that all the parts you need to complete your job will land on your doorstep when you need them to. We can even deliver your products to you the very next day where possible with our FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY - We’ll ship your order to you FOC on all orders over £150!


Sustainable, responsible business

At Trailparts Group we believe that the decisions we make today should not have a detrimental effect on the lives and experiences of future generations. As committed as we are to ensuring our customers receive the highest standard of service, we are equally passionate that the business decisions we make today lead to a better, brighter future for generations to come.

Switching to a consolidated supplier helps to reduce your carbon footprint, as you require less physical deliveries and therefore less vehicles clogging up the roads (come to think of it, you’re also doing your bit for us all getting to and from work quicker!).

To read more about our commitment to a sustainable future you can read our Sustainability Pledge and discover the actions we’re taking as a business to provide a greener, brighter future. https://www.trailparts.co.uk/Sustainability_Pledge


Do you think a Consolidated Supply can benefit your business?

We believe that using a consolidated supplier is the best way to save your business time and energy, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best. Through a consolidated supplier for all your trailer, towed equipment, and welfare units spares you can benefit from a service that is easier, quicker, and more cost-effective, allowing you to keep your business moving forward and your fleet out on the road.

To learn more about working with Trailparts Group, or to discuss the benefits of using a consolidated supplier a little more, contact one of our friendly helpful team today- https://www.trailparts.co.uk/About_Us