New road laws and regulations to be aware of in 2023

New Road Laws & Regulations to be aware of in 2023

Road laws and changes to existing regulations can have a huge impact on the operational capacity of a business who relies on having their fleet out on the road or transporting their services around the country.

Staying on top of changes in road laws and regulations is an important aspect of managing and running a successful, efficient, and safe fleet. From navigating increasing charges, to minimising the risk of unnecessary fines and downtime, proactively staying ahead of what’s coming down the road is always a sensible way to stay one step ahead of the competition and protect your business profits.

Just in case you’ve missed any of the newly updated road laws and regulations announced for 2023, and to ensure you and your drivers don’t get caught out, we’ve provided you with an outline of some of the major changes and how they may impact your business in the next year.

ULEZ image

Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) – to expand from 29 August 2023

For the third time, ULEZ is expanding from 29 August 2023. Currently covering parts of Central London, it will soon apply to all 33 boroughs.

This change is due to affect thousands of drivers. Commuters driving cars that fail to meet the zones emission standards will face a £12.50 charge each time they pass through ULEZ.

Although it isn’t the best news for regular commuters, the move is set to improve London’s poor air quality. It also serves as a prompt to encourage drivers to switch to greener vehicles or use public transportation.

Levy payment for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV’s)

If you drive a HGV for work that weighs over 12 tonne, you’re probably aware that the levy to cover damage to the roads was suspended during the pandemic.

This levy payment is due for reinstatement in August 2023.

Fuel duty set for a further twelve months

Fuel duty rates were reduced by 5p a year to help with the rising cost of fuel and cost of living. This reduction was in place for a year meaning that the price was set to return in March 2023.

The most recent announcement is that the 5p a litre cut on petrol and diesel has been frozen for another twelve months.

EV Image

Tax for electric cars

Electric vehicles (EV’s) were previously exempt from paying vehicle excise duty (also known as road tax).

Owners of EV’s will be required to start paying from 2025.

They will be paying the lowest price bracket initially, but this is expected to rise from 2026 when it is predicted that 50% of road vehicles will be electric.

TFL scrappage scheme 2023

The Mayor of London has announced a scrappage scheme to assist eligible Londoners on certain low income or disability benefits.

The scheme provides grant payments for help in scrapping or retrofitting vehicles that fail to meet ULEZ emission standards. In turn, successful applicants can switch to cleaner, greener modes of transport.

Faulty sat-nav ban for HGV drivers coming?

Councils in England and Wales are calling for a ban on HGV drivers using faulty sat navs. Incidents such as HGV’s getting stuck under bridges have often been due to faulty sat navs.

Although this ban is yet to be confirmed, it looks as though the government is trying to make it mandatory for HGV operators to use a specialist sat nav device to reduce the risk of accidents.

Benefit in kind (BIK) rates to remain the same until 2024/2025

If you drive a company car that you also use for personal use, you’re likely to pay BIK; a tax for employees who receive perks on top of their salary.

BIK rates have been creeping up in recent years, A petrol car with 100g/km of emissions pays 25% BIK which is more than double than 13% BIK rate in 2013.

The government has announced that BIK rates will remain the same until April 2025. The aim of the incentive is to encourage employees to choose electric vehicles over conventional ones.

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