Are your welfare cabins prepared for winter & in a hireworthy state?

Are your welfare cabins prepared for winter?

As the long nights draw in and the weather becomes colder and darker, it's important to ensure your welfare cabins are up to the challenges that winter brings.

Now is the time to get set up for the upcoming months and complete your proactive maintenance checks, to keep your business moving whatever the weather.

HSE Standards

Employers have a legal obligation to follow safety policies to keep their workers safe. Workers have a right to hygiene, well-being, and rest. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that welfare units should provide construction workers with “adequate toilet and washing facilities, a place to warm up and eat food or rest, and somewhere to store clothing at a minimum.”

HSE carry out unannounced inspections of worksites, welfare units that are not maintained to satisfactory standards risk fines or even court judgement, which could negatively impact your company’s reputation, risk losing contracts and make it difficult to attract workers.

Prevent sickness and absence

With the days getting shorter and the dark evenings setting in it’s important to ensure that cabins are well lit to keep your operations running effectively and avoid accidents caused by poor visibility.

Cold and inclement weather can also take a significant toll on workers over the winter months, impacting morale and productivity, and leading to avoidable employee absences. Providing a warm, comfortable place for workers to retreat can both improve productivity and reduce the rate of sickness.


Protect employee welfare and meet legal standards for the winter months

A pre-emptive routine check of all the heating and lighting elements in your welfare cabins today may seem like common sense but it is a necessity that is often missed.

These components become ever more important for a safe and effective operation during winter, so ensuring they are working and up to standard ahead of time will save time, energy and money.

Cabin Fittings & Heating


Heating systems should be serviced at least once a year to reduce the risk of breakdowns and taking pre-emptive action now to ensure your heating systems are in good working order before the freezing weather sets in can make sure you aren’t left out in the cold at a crucial time of the year.

If you find that any heating elements need replacing, repairing, or upgrading, we have a huge range of products to suit your needs, and many available for next day delivery.

Our cabin fittings and heating range offers a comprehensive selection of replacement, spares and essential items to keep your cabin in top shape over the next few months. From appliances and furniture to electrical and diesel heating, if you need to repair, maintain, or upgrade your cabin for winter we have the solution.

We stock a large range of Webasto Heating & Eberspacher Heating parts which are the two most popular brands of diesel heating systems used in towable & static welfare units.


Electrics, Lighting & Beacons


Cabin Electrics & Lighting are critical to maintain during the winter months. Ensuring your cabin electrics and lighting are in good working order can make the difference to how your customer feels when using your kit on site – and keeping it in top shape will only enhance their experience when they hire from you!

Whether you are looking to simply replace faulty sockets, control boxes or switchgear, or looking to completely overhaul your cabin lighting with upgraded PIR sensors or lighting solutions, Trailparts has the solution. See the whole Cabin Electrics & Lighting range to discover everything you need to keep the lights on and the power flowing this winter!



CabinConnect | Trailparts Group

A fast-growing range designed to help keep your welfare units & cabins in top shape and ready for hire, our CabinConnect range is the best place to find parts and spares for industry leading welfare cabin brands such as Genquip Groundhog, Boss Cabins, Securi Cabin and AJC Easycabins to name a few.

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