Using Plant Trailers: What are the benefits and what should you know?

Using Plant Trailers
From carrying goods, to transportation of equipment, there are many reasons for using a Plant Trailer.

What is a plant trailer?

Plant trailers are designed specifically for the transport of heavy construction machinery. They include mini excavators, skid steers, dumpers and rollers, amongst many others, and are typically strong and robust, with longer drawbars and additional safety features compared to traditional non-plant trailers. Usually, the trailers also have a ramp at the rear of the equipment to allow easy loading.

Given that plant equipment is notoriously complicated to transport due to their weight and awkward size, plant trailers are designed to make this job easy.


Benefits of plant trailers

  1. They can transport heavy loads

    Thanks to its ability to withstand heavy loads, a plant trailer can efficiently transport machines from site to site. A good trailer supports the weight of machinery whilst being lightweight enough to maintain the best towing performance.
    The unique fabrication of your trailers suspension and axles ensure that you reach your destination with your load still safely intact, no matter the terrain. It is precisely because of this rigorous challenge that trailer suspension and axles often require maintenance to keep them in top condition. TRAILPARTS® Group keeps a diverse range of products for suspension and axles. We offer a huge range of independent suspension units as well as complete axles. The complete axles are often for specific applications, so if you are unsure whether it is suitable for your requirement, please contact us before ordering.

    We can also source, to requirement, many other replacement axles such as AL-KO, Indespension, and Avonride. If it is not possible to identify an axle, or if you would like an axle made up to your specification, please contact us as we can get axles made up to order.

    Plant trailers also include features to make the use of your trailer practical and straightforward. This may include lashing rings, ramp springs & gas struts to aid the use when closing the ramp to name a couple. You can find a range of flooring and fittings here to keep your plant trailer in action.

  2. They have helpful safety features

    The security and safety of your equipment and those travelling with you is a priority. Plant trailers are usually sturdily constructed and made from durable, high-quality materials such as heavy-duty axles with SFL bearings, five stud wheels, fully galvanized chassis, and built-in mudguards.
    Features such as mudguards are a key safety feature that protect the vehicle, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians from mud and other flying debris thrown into the air.
    Maintaining your wheel assemblies and tyres should be an essential part of your regular safety checks and maintenance routine, after all, these are the parts of the trailer exposed to the highest level of external pressure and environmental forces. TRAILPARTS® Group stocks a comprehensive range of wheels, tyres and mudguards, along with all their associated components such as wheel nut indicators and tyre sealant. We also stock several of the common wheel & tyre assemblies, ready to fit. Explore the full range here.

    Furthermore, when towing heavy machinery considering the safety implications if the load were to move or fall is a top priority. We recommend replacing your ratchet straps very frequently to ensure your cargo is always secure & safe in transit.

    When considering safety, it’s also essential to take the size of the machinery into consideration as well as ensuring clear visibility at any time of night or day. You can dramatically improve visibility with adequate lighting, helping prevent accidents. Ensuring your trailer lighting is up to scratch requires regular checking and maintenance. Find all the spare and replacement parts for lighting your plant trailer here.

  3. Trailers with a ramp make loading easier

    A ramp is essential when transferring equipment with low ground clearance onto the trailer more quickly, easily, and safely. If you use a wide ramp the full ramp door provides additional support for broader machinery too. Too many accidents and unintentional damage occur when loading or unloading machinery, often due to insufficient maintenance of the trailer handles, springs, or fasteners.

    Ensuring regular checks and sufficient repairs are carried out prior to loading your trailer can save you time, energy and money. TRAILPARTS® Group keeps a large and comprehensive stock of all fittings for trailers, from standard nuts and bolts through to ramp fasteners and spring bolts. We also keep a large stock of trailer flooring in various sizes. Discover our full range of trailer fittings and floorings here.

Spare Parts & Replacements

Keeping your trailer in top condition is important for safety, as well as keeping your business moving. TRAILPARTS® Group can provide all your spare parts and replacement parts to keep your plant trailers on the road.

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