Trailparts Sustainability Pledge

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Our commitment to a better future for all

Trailparts Group are passionate about supporting both our local, and global communities to deliver positive ecological change, through our commitment to delivering sustainable, environmentally-aware decisions.

As a business we have identified ways we can lower our carbon emissions, reduce energy/material wastage, and limit our impact on the environment.

We are fully committed to helping to deliver a better, brighter future for generations to come.


Our sustainability pledge

Sustainability IconsThe decisions we make today should not have a detrimental effect on the lives and experiences of future generations. As committed as we are to ensuring our customers receive the highest standard of service, we are equally passionate that the business decisions we make, will lead to a better, brighter future for generations to come.


Environmentally conscious working practices

Office LightingWe ensure that our business practices hold service and sustainability at the heart of what we do.

By choosing to order from a consolidated supplier you are lessening the carbon footprint of purchasing through minimising excessive packaging, processing, and transportation costs.

To minimise energy wastage, we have adopted a range of energy saving processes throughout our business to lower our carbon footprint. For example, installing efficient LED lighting throughout our warehouse and offices.

CarEVIn addition, 30% of our vehicle fleet are hybrid or electric vehicles, with plans to grow this more in the near future. The installation of charging points at our facilities demonstrates our commitment to this transition which is another contribution towards reducing the negative impact of fossil fuels on the environment.

We are continually looking for innovative ways to ensure our energy consumption is kept to a minimum.


Responsible Supply Chain

Supply ChainIt is our commitment to work with a supply chain and businesses, who align with our own environmental policies where possible. We are dedicated to purchasing locally manufactured, sustainable products wherever feasible and continually review our processes and supply chain for improvements that benefit both our customer and the environment.

An example of our commitment to local, sustainable choices is our recent decision to work with a local business who has an excess of cardboard waste.  

This excess cardboard has enabled us to now produce 100% of our packaging voidfill onsite, by simply shredding and re-using. It is a sustainable way to effectively protect goods for shipping and has enabled us to cut waste and re-use all incoming cardboard.

This recycling saves the energy and materials that new packaging would require.


Supporting our communities

We are proud to support both our local, and global communities, helping to improve the lives of people within both our local area and places of need around the world.

We actively ensure that we serve our local community through social enterprise and recruiting from our local area.

As a business, and leadership team, we are proud of our commitment to charity work, supporting several local and global charities in delivering much-needed assistance and support to some of the most vulnerable in our global society.  Some of the charities we are proud to be support:

Charities We Support - RRT - Great Ormond Street Hospital - London's Air Ambulance Charity