AL-KO A-Frame Couplings & Spares

AL-KO Kober provides an extremely large and diverse range of couplings. We have listed a very small selection of the most common types of AL-KO coupling used on trailers. When identifying an AL-KO coupling it is very important that you obtain the coupling number which will be printed on a sticker or stamped on a plate on the coupling. The coupling casting numbers are not sufficient to identify an AL-KO coupling.

If you cannot locate the coupling you require, please contact us as we will be able to source it although it may not be listed on our website. AL-KO couplings are typically supplied only with a ball head fitting; however, if you require an eye end, please contact us.

The picture below gives an example of where to find the coupling identification number for ordering a new replacement complete coupling.

Image of Al-ko Coupling Number label

For spare parts for the AL-KO Delta A-Frame Couplings, see lower down this page.

AL-KO A-Frame Couplings & Spares