BPW Braked Hubs

BPW braked hubs are available to order and use BPW or Knott brakes. Please advise the serial number from the plate on the axle beam, and the following details:
 - Number of studs/bolts and the PCD (see below)
 - Casting number
 - Brake shoes make and size
 - Grease cap diameter
 - Bearings/seal numbers

To calculate your PCD measurement, measure the distance between the two adjacent studs. Enter this measurement in the box below, specify the number of studs, and click "Submit". Your PCD measurement will be displayed.



Alternatively click here to view more details of how to measure PCD.

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Code Image Description Price Quantity
HB8711 BPW 200x50mm hub 4 x 100mm PCD for XAS compressor and chipper

£185.58 (exc VAT) EACH